Secrets of Evergreen Herb Gardens

An evergreen herb garden that is self sufficient and caters for all the needs of the seasons is a welcome gesture for many who do not own acres of farmland. Whether it is culinary or medicinal herbs, it is possible to grow a small home herb garden that provides fresh herbs for cooking, preparing herbal infusions and teas.

Herbs were long known for their usage in ancient civilizations for their powerful cures. Many species have vanished due to our ignorance and lost of forests, however; many others which were used in our culinary cuisines were preserved and grown by home owners.

Herbalists and herb farms were able to conserve the precious knowledge of these herbs that were handed over generations by word of mouth.

Herbs were known to common treat ailments like cold and allergies. They were also used for relaxing. Herbal baths were popular with Romans and Greeks. We have evidences of herbs being used for luxury baths to enhance the experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

You can easily grow an evergreen herb garden in your small patio or backyard. If you have constraints of open space, you can grow herbs indoors, in a form of vertical garden and portable containers that can move to and fro.

Starting a small herb garden does not necessarily mean a big investment. With a small garden tool set and a list of 5 culinary easy to grow herbs, you can kickoff your garden project.

Here are some valuable tips, ideas and information on growing herbs in your own evergreen home garden with the available space in backyard or courtyard. This includes caring ,preserving herbs, maintaining, storing and harvesting the herbs throughout the year.

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It doesn’t take much to start a herb garden. You can grow them along the vegetables, moreover a fresh produce of herbs straight from your kitchen garden is a culinary delight. Not only will your meals taste better, your kitchen will become the most busiest and zesty eating place.