Window and Deck Rail Planters Box for Herb Garden

Rail planters can be easily deployed where there is space restriction. Window boxes and railing planters are common nowadays due to the ease of installation and the affordable prices.

Human beings were always curious and inquisitive. Planning to utilize the space efficiently and optimistically was not confined to our ancestors but the present generation too. More so; in case of city dwellers living in condominiums facing the constraint of space.

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To such enthusiasts who are fond of gardening, rail planters have come to rescue. They certainly have less demand of your deck or patio. If your patio is overcrowded with plants, it makes sense to go for container gardening. Hanging planters are obviously the best choice.

Mayne Yorkshire Window Box Planters 6 Ft. ClayMayne Yorkshire Window Box Planters 6 Ft. Clay
Mayne Yorkshire Window Box Planters 6 Ft. Clay

Window planter boxes are the most effective ways to utilize space, moreover they look very attractive in the spring when the entire world is swaying in greenery. They are just perfect way to grow your own herbs. The windowsill is the perfect opening for the herb saplings which require exposure to moderate sunlight.

Rail Planters for Herb Garden

While real estate costs are oozing high, floor space is precious. Designs that save floor spaces are ideal for urban dwellers. With the concrete jungle around, there is a need for breathing space in form of greenery. You need your share of oxygen and fresh air. Obviously you might not have space for big trees, but you can still create a small home garden in your patio.

Traditional rail planters can house both flower plants and herbs. You need to take care that they do not become invasive by overgrowing. Albeit this may not happen with herbs; however you can keep them under check or provide them space to grow.

Modern planters are designed in decorative patterns that can transform your deck in green heaven. Some of the planter boxes come with an innovative irrigation system that decreases the need of watering frequently. Such planter boxes store a small water reservoir at the bottom of the planter box in a built in storage space.

72 inches Deck Railing PVC Planters
72 inches Deck Railing PVC Planters
72 inches Deck Railing PVC Planters

This also means that they require less maintenance. Herbs do not require fertilizers but you need to get good quality of soil for their growth. You can get herb seeds and the soil from nursery garden or you can buy it online too.

Enjoy a fresh supply of herbs for your daily cuisines once the railing planters are set with your favourite herbs.