An Evergreen Square-foot Herb Garden for Your Home

A square foot herb garden is exactly as the name signifies, a square or a rectangular space either in the outdoors of your yard or indoors in your home where you can grow herbs or any other plants. The reason it is popular resides in the fact that it is simple and anybody who loves gardening can do it.

Especially if you haven’t enough outdoor space for the garden, you can easily construe a square foot garden designed for herbs only in the backyard or your lawn. Square foot gardening allow you to access all the four sides for cultivating and growing plans. This is an old concept and modernization of American method of growing as many herbs or vegetables in a square place. You can use a small space as small as 4 ft by 4 ft or double it to 8 feet x 8 feet if you wish. The varieties of crops that can grow in it are amazing.

Here are some points to consider before you step into square-foot gardening. You will be amazed to know how simple and affordable it is –

  • If you are a novice and are starting an herb garden for the first time, consider the square foot garden technique because it cuts down a lot of hard word that is unnecessary and is based on less speculations.
  • Did you know that you can start an herb garden even in a small square garden bed or in the containers that can be put in the balcony?
  • This incredible gardening technique was used by Mel Bartholomew who is a retired businessman and engineer who vowed to cut down failures and frustrations of several small scale gardeners.
  • If you choose this gardening method, you require a fraction of space compared to row garden and the savings could be amazing. The amount of cost and work will reduce too.
  • In addition; a square foot garden need not be an exact geometrical square, consider using rectangular beds or terraced and spiral herb gardens that align with your garden layout.
  • A square foot garden is easy to divide and requires fewer materials as it needs to be only 6 inches in depth.
  • The young herbs can be set just before the monsoon, in early June or July depending upon the zone you reside. The next harvest can follow late September or October after you have removed the first yield.
  • The soil used is the same garden soil that you have or you can consider Vermiculite as suggest by Mel Bartholomew. This ingredient used mica which makes the soil porous and enhances its ability to hold nutrients and aerate the soil. Before using vermiculite please check the source and the quantity. Some of the sources are contaminated with harmful compounds.