Introducing Vegetables in the Herb Garden


Your herb garden need not be a boring garden with just plain herbs. Try growing vegetables and edible flowers along with herbs. Mix and match for wonderful colours, aroma and food palette. Try growing cucumber and tomatoes. They make awesome salads with herbs like parsley and dill.

Though I agree there are varieties of herbs that can fill your garden. Vegetables matched with herbs are a better bet sometimes. If you understand the science of rotation of crops, you will know what I mean.

Citrus Oil Pesticides for Herb Garden


The citrus oils are awesome when they are refined to make pesticides containing Limonene and Linalool. These oils contain toxins that can eradicate harmful pests from your herb garden.

Citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges have widespread uses in aroma therapy and making perfumes. They are also popular as food flavours and used in making soaps and cosmetics.