Herbs French Dressing with a Twist

The fundamental ingredients of Herb French Dressing are basic. It comprises of a good oil usually virgin olive oil and decent quality wine vinegar with a dash of seasonal herbs and mustard if you like it. Blend the mixture with sea salt and freshly grounded pepper and it is good to go.

The Worcestershire sauce, cheese and tomato flavours are not additions for French cuisine, they have come afterwards as the chefs tried to experiment with the salad dressings.

The actual proportion of vinegar to oil is 1:3 but you can try your own combination. To enhance the dressing, lemon juice is used and you can use any oil instead of olive oil. Make sure the oil is free from aroma otherwise, the smell will dominate. Use fresh dressing as the taste will become bitter and rancid as the herbs age.

For herbs, you can use thyme, parsley or tarragon. Use Dijon mustard to acquire a pungent taste.