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Herbs for Pain Relief

Herbs were used for pain relief a long time ago. Doses of opium were given to patients who had severe traumatic pains, however; there are a number of herbs that can numb the nerves thus relieving pain without making one addicted to it. Chickweed is a cooling herb perfect for inflames tissues . Application of […]

Herbal Bonsai

There are many advantages in making Herbal Bonsai. As herbs grow faster than the woodland trees, they are easier to train in the form of Bonsai. Herbs like rosemary look stunning in bonsai placed in small containers. Small bonsai structures look amazing indoors in your drawing and living rooms. Many herbs can be grown indoors […]

Herbs French Dressing with a Twist

The fundamental ingredients of Herb French Dressing are basic. It comprises of a good oil usually virgin olive oil and decent quality wine vinegar with a dash of seasonal herbs and mustard if you like it. Blend the mixture with sea salt and freshly grounded pepper and it is good to go. The Worcestershire sauce, […]

Carminative Herbs for your Herb Garden

Growing carminative herbs in your garden can be doubly advantageous. They can be combined with astringent herbs in tea and tinctures to soothe stomach inflammation and irritation. Carminative herbs include cardamom, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, ginger and spearmint herbs that you can easily grow in your kitchen herb garden.

Herbs for Digestion

For centuries, herbs were known to aid digestion. Mint is an easy growing herb that is used for treating indigestion. Betel herb leaves are an exemplary example of easing digestion. Chewing betel leaves after lunch or dinner helps aiding digestion process.

Growing Herbs in Forest Garden

Growing Herbs in a forest garden design is relatively a novel approach to forest gardening. Pioneer work from Robert Hart has brought the subject of forest gardening in limelight. It is a system which works on optimizing surface area and sunlight. Every inch of forest surface and canopy is utilized by trees, shrubs and climbers. […]

Bathing with Herbs

Romans were famous for taking bathing to the next level. They were the people who discovered the true magic of bathing with herbs. The famous bathhouse of Romans was open to public. Moreover, 20 and more types of baths were prescribed and made available for healing and relieving strain. Soldiers would love to indulge in […]

Making Herbal Tinctures

Making Herbal Tinctures which are strong extracts of herbs in alcohol is quite easy if you have fresh supply of herbs straight from your herb garden. They are highly concentrated liquid extracts from any herbal plants. Alcohol is am efficient medium for dissolving, it is better than water and acts as preservative. Glycerin is also […]

Health Benefits of Sage Herb

Sage is a popular Mediterranean herb widely used in salads and Italian cuisine. Health benefits of sage herb has found it in many homemade cures. It is easy to grow in your backyard herb garden. This delicious herb can be used in 2 ways fresh and dried. Sage is used in medicine and is known […]

Growing Sage in Your Herb Garden

Growing sage in your garden is certainly going to give you culinary and medicinal advantage. Sage which is also known as common sage or garden sage is an edible herb which is relished in many cuisines all around the world. It find a special place in Mediterranean cooking. A culinary herb, it can easily grow […]

Introducing Vegetables in the Herb Garden

  Your herb garden need not be a boring garden with just plain herbs. Try growing vegetables and edible flowers along with herbs. Mix and match for wonderful colours, aroma and food palette. Try growing cucumber and tomatoes. They make awesome salads with herbs like parsley and dill. Though I agree there are varieties of […]

Citrus Oil Pesticides for Herb Garden

  The citrus oils are awesome when they are refined to make pesticides containing Limonene and Linalool. These oils contain toxins that can eradicate harmful pests from your herb garden. Citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges have widespread uses in aroma therapy and making perfumes. They are also popular as food flavours and used […]

The Bitter Herb Garden

  A herb garden will not be complete unless you have some bitter herbs. Milk thistle and dandelion which are considered as weeds are actually excellent medicinal bitters that are great for the digestive system.  

Bee Friendly Herb Garden

A bee friendly herb garden plays an important role in our eco-system. Believe it or not, the tiniest of micro-organisms has a critical role and bee is no different.

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Almost all herbs that grow outdoors can be grown indoors with some planning and care. Here we will discuss some indoor herb garden ideas that are simple and can be tried by a beginner as well as a gardener who consider himself an expert. Related articles across the web Grow a Mini Herb Garden An […]

Butterfly Herb Garden

Though butterflies are finicky, you can master their fussy habits and habitats by building a butterfly herb garden that satisfies their tantrums.

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Backyard Garden

Halloween decoration ideas for a backyard garden containing herbs is just right because it is the time of the year when witches fly on their brooms searching for ingredients to add in their magic portion. Herbs are long associated with magic and spirituality, so there is nothing wrong in spicing up your patio and lawn […]

Common Home Herb Garden Plants for Beginners

The common home herb garden plants that are easy to grow even for novice gardeners especially for those who do not have a lucky green thumb are mint, dill, lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage and the list can go on…. Like any other task or a project, it is prudent to decide where your herb garden […]

Easy to Grow Perennial Herbs for Your Home Garden

Perennial herbs are those plants that can remain active throughout the year in all the four seasons and continue to bear flowers, seeds and leaves in your home garden for more than 2 years. Technically speaking, a perennial herb is a plant that is different from tree or a shrub and lives more than one […]

Healing Herb Garden Ideas

There are therapeutic benefits of designing healing herb garden. Ideas that you can use are Zen garden designs, water and rock features. Japanese gardens are planned in such a way that the ambience and surroundings emit tranquility. The Healing Herb Garden Flowers and trees have always carried an aura with them; there is no wonder […]

Eco-Friendly Pest Control for the Herb Garden

Natural and Toxic-Free Pest Control Not all insects and bees are harmful in your herb garden, but many times, you have to take help of eco-friendly pest control. Some time you have to take strict and stringent measures to save your herbs and plants if there is an attack of pests that are busy eating […]

An Evergreen Square-foot Herb Garden for Your Home

A square foot herb garden is exactly as the name signifies, a square or a rectangular space either in the outdoors of your yard or indoors in your home where you can grow herbs or any other plants. The reason it is popular resides in the fact that it is simple and anybody who loves […]

An Evergreen Herbal Fist Aid Kit

At home or at office, an herbal first aid kit comes to rescue especially if you are looking for alternative medicine that does not use chemicals and is safe. A necessary part of travel this herbal kit can benefit in remote places where a medicine store is not readily available. It is good to keep […]

Compost for Herb Garden

Making and using compost for the herb garden is a good idea especially if your garden soil is sandy and deprived of nutrients. I have been told that herbs do not require composts and they do well without fertilizers in general. However; I have found that my herbs grow really well with homemade compost. They […]

A Permaculture Herb Garden Design

The concept of Permaculture Herb Garden is just not a way of green living; it is about a system that has its root aligning with the principles of Nature.

Herb Garden for Wine Lovers

From rustic to suave, wine is tempting with fresh herbs. Here are some exotic wine lovers guide to herbs that pop up taste and zest making the wine pairing an exciting journey. Wine lovers will especially love this herb garden because it pairs excellently with wines both vintage and trendy. Whether you are an Oenophile […]

Stunning Pathway Designs for Your Herb Garden

Clearly a garden drenched in rainwater with muddy patches makes it difficult to wade through. Even if it does not rain you would like a clear and neat path to stroll through instead of tall grass wherein hide insects and snakes.  You can design stunning pathways in your herb garden with pebbles, stone and grass. […]

Design Ideas for a Vertical Herb Garden

If you want to keep yourself healthier and fit, perhaps it is time to stop buying greens and produce your own vegetables and herbs from your yard. Growing a Vertical Herb Garden is quick and simple. Moreover, it tastes awesome. Perhaps you are a gardener who does not have acres of land to produce you […]

Designing Herb Garden for Four Seasons

An herb garden for four seasons is a pro-active outdoor space that remains active in all four seasons, around the year. Gardeners can plan for a lovely garden throughout the year either by planting herbs that continue to grow and can be harvested during the entire duration of the year or shuffling around the year, […]

English Cottage Inspired Herb Garden

Imagine an English cottage garden designed in the bygone eras of British period and you can visualize the romantic curves of the Victorian landscaping. It is hard not to bring the beauty when you design an English Cottage herb garden inspired by the colonial period. A garden in paradise with wandering pathways, cobblestone bridges and […]

A Zen Garden for the Herbs

I am inspired by the art of Zen gardens, they are built for the heart and are inspiration to the soul. In bringing up a Zen herb garden, the goal is to bring together the elements of serenity. Elements of Zen Garden The realm of calmness in a Japanese garden is in synchronization with nature. […]

Shade Tolerant Herb Garden

Herbs that prefer shade can be a boon to a garden which does not have sunlight in areas that are populated by heavy bushes and trees. Partial shade and restricted sun rays can be adequate for some herbs that do not bother the scarce sun thus giving you the option of growing a shade tolerant […]

Simple Feng Shui Tips for Herb Garden

The power of Feng shui for an herb garden cannot be underestimated. Since ancient times, herbs were vital for the healing and used effectively as medicines. No matter the size and shape of your herb garden, you can implement the elements of this ancient methodology to bring serenity and spirituality in your garden. Here are […]

The Flowering Herb Garden

A flowering herb garden with seasonal blooms is a feast to eyes. The important aspect that attracts me about a garden is the way it is designed and the striking appearance of white and gold blooms. Spring brings exuberance to the garden, so why not indulge in its liveliness and colours. Sometimes I am just […]

The Zesty Aromatic Herb Garden

What best describes a zesty aromatic herb garden? The greenery of herbs or the aromas – the fragrance that does not limit to the garden but wafts inside the house like no air freshener did. The Fragrant Garden: A Book About Sweet Scented Flowers and Leaves The Fragrant Garden: A Book About Sweet Scented Flowers […]

An Evergreen Edible Wild Herb Garden

Have you ever considered growing an edible wild herb garden that remains evergreen throughout the year? Wild FieldKim ParkerBuy This at Did you ever wonder how did we ever tame the wild herbs and start using them in our culinary recipes and traditions? Well most of the herbs and edible wild plants used to […]

Designing An Ornamental Herb Garden

An herb garden is just not fur culinary usage, if planned and designed adequately it can take form of a lovely ornamental herb garden that adds the colour from spring and joy from summer. Though a beautiful garden takes time to manifest, you can dream and plan a colorful garden that is filled with different […]

An Evergreen Witches Herb Garden

While the name witches herb garden reminds of the dark magic herbs and potions there is nothing sinister about the science that was used to heal ailments with the help of herbs by our ancestors. Gardening is next to healing. Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground UpGarden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up Even though […]

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Growing Garlic Herb in Your Evergreen Herb Garden

Growing Garlic herb can be easier than you thought. Ever since I started my website evergreen-herb-gardens, I started making notes of herbs that can be grown round the year or at least easy to grow in warm and tropical regions for majority of the time in a year. The notion of having fresh culinary herbs […]

The Mosquito Repellent Herbs

The mosquito repellant herbs can take your herb garden to the next stage by keeping it clean and bug free. I knew that herbs were used as medicine but I never knew they could be effective in driving away mosquitoes and fleas as well. Once I came to know about it, I have planted herbs […]

Window and Deck Rail Planters Box for Herb Garden

Rail planters can be easily deployed where there is space restriction. Window boxes and railing planters are common nowadays due to the ease of installation and the affordable prices.

Popular Alternative Medicine – Ginkgo Biloba Herb

An introduction to Ginkgo Biloba Herb Thousands of people face the predicament today of having shoe-string budgets, voracious appetites but strong yearnings to get the finest probable values within their means. Possibly, they find out through actual demonstration and experience that the herbal remedies are culinary magicians which convert scraps into handsome dainties. They’re thus […]

Top 10 Powerful Motivations for Growing Spices and Herbs In your Home Herb Garden

Spices were effectively identified and growing spices was very popular by  Chinese, Persians, Greeks and Romans. The spicy nail-shaped buds of cloves were used frequently in many dishes due to its pungent aroma and flavour. Within the early 1800’s, clove forests had been launched to Zanzibar. So productive was the venture that right now, Zanzibar […]

Growing Medicinal Oregano Herbs for Its Excellent Healing Properties

Oregano is a perennial Eurasian herb of the mint family, having wonderful aromatic leaves. Growing oregano herbs for its healing properties is prevalent since ancient days. Oregano is a prominent ingredient of Mediterranean dishes. It became famous and popular due to its wide usage in pizza. Growing oregano is now common to many parts of […]

Adopt Vegan Life Style and Vegan Friendly Products

Philosophy of Veganism and Vegan values Vegan term was invented in 1944 by Donald Watson to describe a “non-dairy vegetarian”. It was formed from the first three and last two letters of the word “vegetarian”. Vegetarians choose to avoid all forms of  animal products.  Veganism is an extension of vegetarianism where vegans avoid meat, poultry, […]

Top 10 Herbs for Home Ayurvedic Remedies That Can be Easily Grown in Home Herb Garden

Home Ayurvedic Remedies are very individualized, two persons with the same diseases but different “Dosha” (symptoms and patterns) have to be treated differently. Scientific research is in its infancy, however, much more research is happening now. In the United States, the study is being conducted by the Maharishi Ayur-Ved organization, which researches most of the […]

Grow Herbs – The Excellent Antioxidants Sources For Natural Healing

Anti-oxidants as the name implies counteracts the damaging effect of oxidation. An antioxidant is a molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. In simple words, oxidation is a chemical reaction that produces free radicals. This can lead to chain reactions that damage cells. . Antioxidants are often called reducing agents because […]

Holistic Healing with Alternative Herbal Medicine And Natural Home-Made Remedies

Holistic healing is considered by many as outside the mainstream of scientific medicine, ,naturopathy or chiropractic, and usually involving nutritional measures. However, it is finding a prominent place in today’s material and hi-fi technology driven life style. It is not exaggeration when I say that the ultimate goal of the human mind is peace , […]

Alternative Natural Medicine and Ayurvedic Weight Loss Tips with Herbs for Obesity

The alternative natural medicine treatment and ayurvedic weight loss method is not only for those who are over-weight but for normal people who want to prevent becoming obese and want to control their dietary preferences for a healthy and illness free life style. The reasons for putting on weight are many – eating disorder, junk […]