Herb Garden Design

Herbal Bonsai

There are many advantages in making Herbal Bonsai. As herbs grow faster than the woodland trees, they are easier to train in the form of Bonsai. Herbs like rosemary look stunning in bonsai placed in small containers. Small bonsai structures look amazing indoors in your drawing and living rooms. Many herbs can be grown indoors […]

Growing Herbs in Forest Garden

Growing Herbs in a forest garden design is relatively a novel approach to forest gardening. Pioneer work from Robert Hart has brought the subject of forest gardening in limelight. It is a system which works on optimizing surface area and sunlight. Every inch of forest surface and canopy is utilized by trees, shrubs and climbers. […]

Bee Friendly Herb Garden

A bee friendly herb garden plays an important role in our eco-system. Believe it or not, the tiniest of micro-organisms has a critical role and bee is no different.

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Almost all herbs that grow outdoors can be grown indoors with some planning and care. Here we will discuss some indoor herb garden ideas that are simple and can be tried by a beginner as well as a gardener who consider himself an expert. Related articles across the web Grow a Mini Herb Garden An […]

Butterfly Herb Garden

Though butterflies are finicky, you can master their fussy habits and habitats by building a butterfly herb garden that satisfies their tantrums.

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Backyard Garden

Halloween decoration ideas for a backyard garden containing herbs is just right because it is the time of the year when witches fly on their brooms searching for ingredients to add in their magic portion. Herbs are long associated with magic and spirituality, so there is nothing wrong in spicing up your patio and lawn […]

An Evergreen Square-foot Herb Garden for Your Home

A square foot herb garden is exactly as the name signifies, a square or a rectangular space either in the outdoors of your yard or indoors in your home where you can grow herbs or any other plants. The reason it is popular resides in the fact that it is simple and anybody who loves […]

A Permaculture Herb Garden Design

The concept of Permaculture Herb Garden is just not a way of green living; it is about a system that has its root aligning with the principles of Nature.