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Introducing Vegetables in the Herb Garden

  Your herb garden need not be a boring garden with just plain herbs. Try growing vegetables and edible flowers along with herbs. Mix and match for wonderful colours, aroma and food palette. Try growing cucumber and tomatoes. They make awesome salads with herbs like parsley and dill. Though I agree there are varieties of […]

Eco-Friendly Pest Control for the Herb Garden

Natural and Toxic-Free Pest Control Not all insects and bees are harmful in your herb garden, but many times, you have to take help of eco-friendly pest control. Some time you have to take strict and stringent measures to save your herbs and plants if there is an attack of pests that are busy eating […]

Compost for Herb Garden

Making and using compost for the herb garden is a good idea especially if your garden soil is sandy and deprived of nutrients. I have been told that herbs do not require composts and they do well without fertilizers in general. However; I have found that my herbs grow really well with homemade compost. They […]