Information on Herbs

Carminative Herbs for your Herb Garden

Growing carminative herbs in your garden can be doubly advantageous. They can be combined with astringent herbs in tea and tinctures to soothe stomach inflammation and irritation. Carminative herbs include cardamom, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, ginger and spearmint herbs that you can easily grow in your kitchen herb garden.

Herbs for Digestion

For centuries, herbs were known to aid digestion. Mint is an easy growing herb that is used for treating indigestion. Betel herb leaves are an exemplary example of easing digestion. Chewing betel leaves after lunch or dinner helps aiding digestion process.

Bathing with Herbs

Romans were famous for taking bathing to the next level. They were the people who discovered the true magic of bathing with herbs. The famous bathhouse of Romans was open to public. Moreover, 20 and more types of baths were prescribed and made available for healing and relieving strain. Soldiers would love to indulge in […]

Growing Sage in Your Herb Garden

Growing sage in your garden is certainly going to give you culinary and medicinal advantage. Sage which is also known as common sage or garden sage is an edible herb which is relished in many cuisines all around the world. It find a special place in Mediterranean cooking. A culinary herb, it can easily grow […]

Common Home Herb Garden Plants for Beginners

The common home herb garden plants that are easy to grow even for novice gardeners especially for those who do not have a lucky green thumb are mint, dill, lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage and the list can go on…. Like any other task or a project, it is prudent to decide where your herb garden […]