Medicinal Herbs

Herbs for Pain Relief

Herbs were used for pain relief a long time ago. Doses of opium were given to patients who had severe traumatic pains, however; there are a number of herbs that can numb the nerves thus relieving pain without making one addicted to it. Chickweed is a cooling herb perfect for inflames tissues . Application of […]

Carminative Herbs for your Herb Garden

Growing carminative herbs in your garden can be doubly advantageous. They can be combined with astringent herbs in tea and tinctures to soothe stomach inflammation and irritation. Carminative herbs include cardamom, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, ginger and spearmint herbs that you can easily grow in your kitchen herb garden.

Making Herbal Tinctures

Making Herbal Tinctures which are strong extracts of herbs in alcohol is quite easy if you have fresh supply of herbs straight from your herb garden. They are highly concentrated liquid extracts from any herbal plants. Alcohol is am efficient medium for dissolving, it is better than water and acts as preservative. Glycerin is also […]

Health Benefits of Sage Herb

Sage is a popular Mediterranean herb widely used in salads and Italian cuisine. Health benefits of sage herb has found it in many homemade cures. It is easy to grow in your backyard herb garden. This delicious herb can be used in 2 ways fresh and dried. Sage is used in medicine and is known […]

The Bitter Herb Garden

  A herb garden will not be complete unless you have some bitter herbs. Milk thistle and dandelion which are considered as weeds are actually excellent medicinal bitters that are great for the digestive system.  

Medicinal Properties and Benefits of Lavender Oil

The aroma of lavender herb has enchanted the humans since decades. If you scour the history you will find that not only lavender was used in perfumes and soaps, it was also used for medicinal purposes.  

An Evergreen Herbal Fist Aid Kit

At home or at office, an herbal first aid kit comes to rescue especially if you are looking for alternative medicine that does not use chemicals and is safe. A necessary part of travel this herbal kit can benefit in remote places where a medicine store is not readily available. It is good to keep […]