Common Home Herb Garden Plants for Beginners

The common home herb garden plants that are easy to grow even for novice gardeners especially for those who do not have a lucky green thumb are mint, dill, lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage and the list can go on….

Like any other task or a project, it is prudent to decide where your herb garden will be. Herbs do not require a lot of care and many herbs are low maintenance. Herbs do love sunshine and modest water.
You can plan what herbs to plant and where to put them so that they can grow unhindered. Many herbs are invasive and you should consider potting them in containers.

My Favourite Herb Garden Plants List

Mint This is my first preference. Mint herb is easy to grow and can really spread if it is not contained. For first time gardeners, this is the best herb to grow.

It can be placed in a location where it gets modest sunshine; I have also seen it grow in shade though less prominently with a slow growth. There are numerous uses of mint. I have used mint in my cooking and have found that it goes well in tea, chutneys, smoothies and other cuisines as well.

Basil My second favourite herb in the herb plants is basil. I use this herb extensively in preparing tea. I use the juice to cure cold and cough too. Growing it can be slightly complicated. If you are planning to grow more than one basil herb, plant them with enough space between them.

My saplings have died for want of the sun-rays before so I suggest you plant it in a place where it can get good exposure to the sun. With my experiment of basil herb, I have found that they grow well in containers and pots. Of different species I have grown, my preferred basil herbs are Thai Basil and Purple Basil. They have thick foliage and the aroma is awesome. You can use basil in soups and stews, they are incredible.

CorianderThird herb that I use a lot in my daily cooking is coriander or cilantro.

It goes so well in curries and Indian chutneys that you wish you had discovered it long back. Growing cilantro is not that difficult, give it ample sun and keep the soil moist. Dry soil can inhibit its growth.

All these herbs do not require additional compost or fertilizers, however; as a part of nurturing my garden I do use home-made fertilizer of cow dung in my garden. This is rich but is not overkill. It is safe to use because it does not contain harmful ingredients.