Designing An Ornamental Herb Garden

An herb garden is just not fur culinary usage, if planned and designed adequately it can take form of a lovely ornamental herb garden that adds the colour from spring and joy from summer. Though a beautiful garden takes time to manifest, you can dream and plan a colorful garden that is filled with different varieties of herbs.

The Ornamental Herb Garden: Creating Compact GardensThe Ornamental Herb Garden: Creating Compact Gardens
The Ornamental Herb Garden: Creating Compact Gardens

Herbs in Bloom: A Guide to Growing Herbs As Ornamental PlantsHerbs in Bloom: A Guide to Growing Herbs As Ornamental Plants
Herbs in Bloom: A Guide to Growing Herbs As Ornamental Plants

Lush green foliage, climbing vines and colorful flowers all can gel well with an herb garden. Or you can design the garden with herbs only.

The texture and consistency of herb plants is often ignored, but it is an essential component of an herb garden design. Likewise, the form and shapes of leaves can give rise to an outburst of beauty that matches the spirit of herbs. Fern like herbs, variegated variety, spikes and silver they all add to the beauty of the garden.

Herb Garden DesignHerb Garden Design
Herb Garden Design

Heirloom Ornamental PlantsRestoring American Gardens: An Encyclopedia of Heirloom Ornamental Plants
Restoring American Gardens: An Encyclopedia of Heirloom Ornamental Plants

You cannot miss the beautiful sunshine falling on the herbs and the herb plants looking ethereal amidst the surroundings.

As with hues, the contours define the gardens – oval, circular and rectangle they all look awesome with the symmetry. Also an arbor and trellis adds to the charm of the outdoor space. Thin, upright foliage of rosemary, sharp but broad leaves of flannel, feathery leaves of foxtail ferns they all look perfect in the space designated for the herb garden.

Adorn these herbs in raised garden beds and surround with hems of periwinkles and purple orchids. The herb garden is definitely going to look magnificent with this enchanting contrast.

Moreover, the herbs drive away the harmful insects and pests. Line the herb garden with marigold and lemon grass, not only will the ornamental garden look pretty it will also leave the air pure and fragrant.

Space garden benches and gnomes to enjoy your garden during the leisure evenings. Stroll around the herb garden crossing the bridge and enjoy your morning tea with fresh herbs straight from the garden.

Add a unique structure and texture to this herb garden with ornamental herbs. Augmenting it with rustic elements, picket fence and demarcation herb boundaries with local flora will certainly enhance the garden.

A structured ornamental herb garden has herb plants neatly contained either in containers or outdoors. Walking in your herb garden should be exhilarating and invigorating. Also a neatly contained herb garden always looks better than a casually formed. It also shows how much effort the gardener has put into – designing an herb garden is certainly not an overnight job.

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