Designing Herb Garden for Four Seasons

An herb garden for four seasons is a pro-active outdoor space that remains active in all four seasons, around the year. Gardeners can plan for a lovely garden throughout the year either by planting herbs that continue to grow and can be harvested during the entire duration of the year or shuffling around the year, the herbs that grow well in the specific season.

While herbs undergo a full cycle of growing to an adult plant and flowering, the gardener may see a depleting supply of foliage when the flowers are blooming. Most of the herbs provide foliage around the peak season and wither away giving rise to small shoots or seeds.

Think and plan the herb garden according to your taste and choice of plants. You can always fine tune it for the next season, the idea is to keep the herb garden alive all the year so that it does not become dormant during winter and fall. For the spring and summer, you can grow an abundance of culinary herbs, for autumn and fall substitute them for hibiscus, nasturtiums, dandelions or calendulas, you will see a riot of colours in the beginning of summer. Including herbs or flowers to fill in the gap will ensure a beautiful all season herb garden which you desire.