Growing Garlic Herb in Your Evergreen Herb Garden

Growing Garlic herb can be easier than you thought. Ever since I started my website evergreen-herb-gardens, I started making notes of herbs that can be grown round the year or at least easy to grow in warm and tropical regions for majority of the time in a year. The notion of having fresh culinary herbs for your kitchen is very exciting; it is like any other venture or adventure.

“The Beauty of Garlic” Premium Poster
The Beauty of Garlic Premium Poster. Size: 12 Inch X 18 Inch. Gloss Finish
“The Beauty of Garlic” Premium Poster. Size: 12 Inch X 18 Inch. Gloss Finish

I have found that the dishes turn out to be tastier with the herbs that I grow in my small garden always and it’s guaranteed.

Ensuring a never ending supply of evergreen herbs round the year requires you sow at least 5 to 10 herbs in the 4 seasons and repeat the growing and harvesting for the consecutive season.

Requirement for Growing Garlic

You require at least 2×2 square feet of garden space for growing garlic, which you can enhance depending on your requirement and availability of space. You can also use containers for indoor gardening.
Garlic is actually very easy to grow, you just need the cloves to begin your herb garden. You can get complete garlic bulbs from your grocery store or farmer’s market. They really grow well in warmer climates. But don’t despair if you are living in cold regions except for Tundra regions where there is a heavy snowfall.

Once you have the bulb, separate the cloves without breaking or damaging them. Keep the skin intact.

Simple Instructions for Planting Garlic

  • Divide the garlic in a group of 3 to 4 cloves.
  • Dig the pit at least 3 to 4 inches deep and wide.
  • Allow 4 to 6 inches space between the garlic groups.
  • Sow each garlic group with the tip facing you. The flat or bottom part of the garlic glove should be facing earth. Don’t panic if you have sown them sideways, they will still come out in green shoots.
  • Garlic herbs take time to erupt. Rule of thumb is; if you plant the cloves in Fall season which is roughly around October and November, you can harvest them in the month of July and August. Your harvest will be early or late depending upon the species, the soil and the sun.
  • When you see chives like shoots sprouting, you know that the cloves have germinated.
    When you see the flower in the shoot, remove it because you want all the nourishment from the plant to go in the bulb.
  • You can know from the colour of the stems when the bulb is ready. When the shoots turn green to brown, you know that the garlic can be harvested. There can be 20 to 30 cloves in a garlic bulb. After harvesting, you need to dry them in a space free of moisture for approximately a week.