Evergreen Herb Garden Designs

In ancient times, herb garden designs played an important role and the function of botanical gardens was to display herbs for medical use. Most of Italy’s botanical evergreen herb gardens were created in the 18th and 19th centuries. If you visit any Italian garden, you will soon realize that their pre-Renaissance fundamental features like distinct geometric patterns are still popular and used in modern era.

herb garden design

The basic structure of these gardens is designed in squares, and then separated by pebble-covered paths. The rolling hills and lush valleys surrounding the gardens give visitors the opportunity to view the gardens from a hillside perch. Vine-covered pergolas offer a shaded retreat to enjoy the company of friends and family over a delicious lunch.

Herb Garden

Herb Garden
Adrian Thomas
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You do not need acres of land to design your herb garden. Even with limited garden space, planting a small herb garden is a simple task that can be completed in just a single afternoon. Herb garden designs vary from formal to informal designs, your selection of a home herb garden depends upon the enthusiasm and energy level.
Zen Herb Garden design
Zen gardens or the Karesansui gardens, do not have water but has gravel or sand that symbolizes sea, river and lake. The aesthetic view of the raked gravel into a pattern of waves or ripples is to help in focusing and concentrating. The elements in the garden are placed intuitively according to the principles of Feng Shui for harmony. You can create your own Zen-style herb garden by following the tips:
Growing Tips
• Get Tabletop sand gardens and sandbox-sized trays from nursery garden.
• Get stones, turn them around to get the best angle or profile and then bury them partially in the ground after clearing the area of weeds etc.
• Traditionally Zen compositions have 5 groups of three stones, you can use the same number and arrange it asymmetrically. Pour 2 to 4 inches of sand or gravel for landscaping,
• Create an edge of herbs around the area (rectangular or oblong shaped).

Tropical Herb Garden Design
Tropical plants require heavy rainfall and warm weather. It may not be that difficult to grow tropical herbs in a cold climate unless the climate is extremely frost-bitten and windy. It is observed that Tropical gardens are no longer exclusive to tropical areas. Many gardeners in colder climates are adopting the tropical garden design, which is possible through careful choice of herbs and flowers. Tropical herbs have large leaves, lush growth and require low maintenance.
Growing Tips
• Get the saplings that were grown indoors or brought from garden centre and plan space for dense growth.
• Tropical herbs require adequate water, hence keep the soil humid all the time.
• Large plants like palm and bamboos can be grown as the backdrop for shrubs and brightly colored, tropical flowers and herbs.
• Canna, Basil, Lucifer and Crocosmia are some of the typical plants that are adaptable and will grow in the herb garden

Shade Herb Garden Design
Although it is true that all herbs require sunlight to grow, some of the herbs can thrive in shade and grow in partial sunlight. The exact amount and hours of sun that a specific herb requires depends on the climate and the region. Many herbs require protection from the immense summer sun-light, a filtered sunlight which is blocked by overhead trees is good for such herbs. These herbs may still require 4 to 6 hours of sun which four hours can be morning or evening sunlight. To provide and encourage herb growth in the shade of trees prune the lower branches of tree without destroying the elegance of such trees.
Growing Tips

Add compost or organic fertilizer to the soil before sowing seed or planting herbs.
• The transplanting of herbs should be done after the germination of the seeds and active growth of the saplings. This ensures that the herbs get acclimatized to the new environment.
• Water the herbs regularly as they prefer humid soil but not over-drenched soil for growth.
• Mulch with several inches of organic compost, leaf mold, shredded bark or home made manure to conserve and retain water for long periods.
Mioga Ginger
, Sweet Cicely, Wild Bergamot, Holy grass, Sweet Woodruff and Corsican Mint are some of the herbs that are perfect for shade herb gardens.

Garden Patio Display
Garden Patio…
Archie Young
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Phyllis, C.1887

Phyllis, C.1887
Arthur Hughes
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Irises in the Herb Garden, 1995
Irises in the…
Timothy Easton
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