Holistic Healing with Alternative Herbal Medicine And Natural Home-Made Remedies

Holistic healing is considered by many as outside the mainstream of scientific medicine, ,naturopathy or chiropractic, and usually involving nutritional measures. However, it is finding a prominent place in today’s material and hi-fi technology driven life style. It is not exaggeration when I say that the ultimate goal of the human mind is peace , spiritual tranquility and harmony. Many diseases are psychosomatic – mind generated , when the mind is at peace the illness also goes away. The physical disorder that is caused and influenced by emotional upheavals goes way if the cause is eradicated. Likewise, alternative herbal medicine addresses the root cause and has various complex compounds that heal the body for more than one ailment. These natural home made remedies are easy to prepare.

Natural Home Made Remedies

Home remedies are becoming very popular and are the first choices of many people who are concerned of longer lasting healing effects. It comes without surprise that simple home made remedies are powerful healers. Natural cure from home made tinctures, concoctions from herbs, fruits and vegetables are not only preventive in nature, the effects are very obvious and quick without the allergic reactions.

Why choose natural or alternative herbal medicine ?

It is known to everybody that antibiotics cause undesirable side- effects, drowsiness, weakness, allergies and diarrhea. Body becomes weak and chances are if antibiotics are over-used , bacteria becomes resistant and start multiplying. Antibiotics target only bacteria and not other harmful organisms such as virus. Hence it is important to know that when you catch cold and sore throat , it is caused by virus and antibiotics do not have any effect against virus. What’s more, the antibiotic will kill off substantial amounts of normal, friendly bacteria in the body, encouraging the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that may wreak havoc later.

Home made remedies comes to rescue in many such common ailments. A mixture of ginger juice with honey or a hot concoction of  black pepper, basil and black salt are the best remedies for common cold and sore throat. Not only you feel better after taking these concoctions, your body develops resistance for any further infection. They are so good that you can take them regularly and you will notice that your immunity against infection is enhancing and the resistance power growing.

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