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My name is Shraddha Naik and I've been interested in herbs since childhood. I have been reading about herbs and growing them for more than a decade. The interest in the plants run in my family, my father had grown a small garden in his spare time and the greenery in the nursery caught my eye. Basil, tomato,  green chilly, curry leave plant, lemon, mint were some of the evergreen herbs that were grown in our small kitchen garden. This herb garden sowed the seeds of interest of planting at an early age which I cherish forever. The natural manure that we prepared in our backyard nourished and tended the little plants .The pesticides that were used for destroying the insects consisted of neem, basil leaves solution. The rare butterflies and birds that visited our garden were neighbour's envy.
I love plants and am as much amazed by the gigantic tress as the minuscule Bonsai. As an enthusiast, I would like to share my experience with herbs. My aim is to help and support you in growing your first herb garden which provides the best, fresh and the most evergreen herbs to the family straight from the herb garden.Feel free to browse the links on the website for more details about the herbs and the herb garden, or sign up for my 10-part free email course below, where you'll receive one lesson per day in your email box.

  • Important steps in choosing the right type of herb garden that suits your interest and leisure
  • The right selection : "Indoor or Outdoor" herb garden with the - pros and cons
  • Must have in your herb garden - Tips on choice of easy growing herbs verses slightly difficult growing herbs
  • The most sought after - 3 top recommended medicinal herbs for your herb garden
  • The utmost effective method of protecting your herbs in autumn !
  • All about companion plants, the secret of catalyst growth of herbs !
  • The correct amount of sunlight required for different saplings
  • Water, environmental needs and humidity for an indoor garden
  • Planting, transplanting from indoor to outdoor garden
  • Finally, harvesting herbs, spices from your glorified evergreen herb garden
  • And "Much, much more" !

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