Grow a Mini Herb Garden

Did you ever consider contributing to the environment, greenery and the planet? It is time that everybody does their bit of stuff for the green revolution. Promotion of herbal products that are eco-friendly and that creatively formulate natural products to meet the everyday needs of mankind is a necessity. Not only will you help earth’s eco-system through your green living, you will also improve the health of your family and the nearest and dearest of your kins. A mini herb garden is a perfect choice if you want to start small and at your own pace.


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Growing your own organic plants is an excellent way to provide nutritious fruits, vegetables and herbs without addition of chemicals and genetic modifications. Buying local organic products is another way of contributing the planet earth. When you grow your own herbs you are in control of the toxic weed destroyers, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that are used in your organic garden.

A mini herb garden is not at all complicated and has an added benefit of not requiring lot of preparation and space. A continuous supply of fresh herbs from your window sill or outdoor garden is a boon. Brighten your patio with delicately arranged herbs. You just need some small pots, baskets, herb seeds, soil and organic compost. If you don’t quite have the room for a large container then the Mini-Garden-in-a-Pail is for you! Get a small galvanized bucket (6” high and 5.5″ tall) with all the necessary ingredients to grow fresh and fragrant culinary herbs right into the pail .This size will fit right on you windowsill! . Mix and match the herbs.For eg. basic, garlic chives and parsley are companion plants and can co-exist.

Although herbs can tolerate poor soil, the addition of organic fertilizer is important for the natural growth of herbs. Adequate sun light and water with good drainage are important for the growth of healthy plants. Weak plants are more susceptible to pests. The preparation of good soil is essential in having an abundant growth and harvest of herbs.

Good garden soil contains at least 25% humus that helps essential nutrients and minerals for the growth of herbs. Humus is nothing but an organic material which can be compost, manure or peat. Use only processed or organic manure.

You can also consider giving a mini herb garden as a gift; your friends will simply love it. A mini herb garden kit with a galvanized bucket, a ceramic pot with lovely herb saplings and soil mix are great for people who love plants.

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