Start an Herb Garden to Increase Green Cover and Fight Pollution

An eco-friendly home with a big lush garden surrounding a bungalow is the dream house for many. But due to constraint in space and urbanization, people are confined to live in apartments in cities and are devoid of clean , healthy and pure and fresh air , a major advantage of countryside living. Green buildings that save water by rainwater harvesting, energy by using solar panels and environment friendly recyclable material are the best solutions to indoor pollution which is rising in cities due to lack of awareness among people world-wide. Fresh air has to be pumped in continuously naturally by good air circulation and exhaust fans to avoid sick building syndrome. The building should have “No smoking” zone to avoid spreading cigarette smoke and harm to non-smokers who are a victim to passive smoking. To reduce the percentage of harmful greenhouse gases in environment, growing herbs and plants are the most effective, beneficial and cheapest long-term solutions to our woes. Start an herb garden with a determination to fight man-made pollutants and lead a healthy life.

Root Causes of Indoor Environment Pollution
Carpets, boards and insulation foam give rise to formaldehyde gas which causes irritation to the eyes and nose and is a probable contributor to common allergies found in people. Biological pollutants include pollen grains from plants, flowers, hair from pets, mites, fungi, parasites and bacteria. Most of them are allergens and cause asthma, hay fever and bronchitis. Soil emits radon gas that does not escape home interiors due to poor ventilation system thus causing harm to the dwellers. Asbestos sheets used in household are suspected to cause cancer.

Common ailments due to polluted indoor environment
In the absence of natural light and ventilation, human body is prone to various diseases and allergies caused by harmful bacteria and viruses present almost everywhere. A major part of human population continues to depend on biomass fuels like wood, dung and coal for their energy needs. Traditional cooking and heating on open fire results in high level of indoor air pollution. The smoke emitted with such fuels contains harmful carbon mono-oxide.

Start Your Own Home Herb Garden
According to “The world health report” indoor air pollution is responsible for 2.7% of the global burden of human diseases and the percentage continues to rise. Start an herb garden today with herbs and plants to increase green cover and also build, strengthen your immunity and resistance towards diseases. Herbs are known to possess demulcent, expectorant, anti-catarrhal and anti-oxidant properties. The dragon tree is known to be one of the most efficient pollutant removers which explain its omni-presence in offices with a spiky variegated leaves on a tall central stem. The goosefoot plant with its glorious marbled leaves is also extremely effective against all forms of pollution. Basil is known to drive mosquitoes away. This herb is useful in curing respiratory problems like bronchitis, allergies and asthma. Common spider plant is excellent at removing formaldehyde and the emissions from a computer terminal. Ivy a popular creeper removes almost 80% of airborne mold and fungus spores.

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Start a Home Herb Garden